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Rachel Russell
  • McMinnville, OR, US



Rachel Russell is a masterful storyteller whose content writing builds strong relationships between companies and their readers. She's the owner of SoulSpark Publication and holds a Bachelor of Science in biology. Rachel has spent more than 20 years in federal government service, honing her communication skills. She has also worked as a reserve police officer, park ranger, in federal corrections, and as a government contracting officer, giving her a diverse foundation from which to draw story.

She ghostwrites for other writers and entrepreneurs, crafting relatable, engaging articles that build a trust relationship with readers. In 2016, she published "The Ultimate Wellness Journal for Women." She enjoys writing faith-based works when the opportunity arises.

Rachel's knowledge and skillset includes equestrian activities and horse care, fiction writing, book marketing, nutrition, holistic health, fitness, personal finance & budgeting, and nutrition. She's a regular contributor to My Book Therapy's Learn How to Write a Novel blog. Her native content articles have encompassed a wide range of topics including family dentistry, women's health, legal issues, education, tourism, agriculture, retirement, senior living, safety, and vacation planning.

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